Partnership with OETC

A RFP-backed contract with 吃瓜大本营grants manufacturers and resellers access to an education technology purchasing market of 1,000 educational institutions.

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Membership Communications

吃瓜大本营maintains communication with our members about products and services on our contracts through regular newsletters, in-person visits with school and district leaders, and marketing presence at notable conferences.

Support Staff

OETC鈥檚 dedicated marketing and support staff facilitates convenient and reliable sales on manufacturer and reseller contracts.

Influential Partnerships

吃瓜大本营partners with prominent organizations in education technology leadership, including the Association for Computer Professionals in Education (ACPE).


The 吃瓜大本营store generates fifty million dollars of revenue each year on average. Unlike most cooperative purchasing organizations, 吃瓜大本营enables its membership to request quotes and buy directly through our online store.

Manufacturer and Reseller Information

吃瓜大本营negotiates competitively bid contracts with some of the best manufacturers and resellers in the education technology industry.

Request for Proposals

Manufacturers and resellers have the opportunity to be awarded an 吃瓜大本营contract by winning a Request for Proposals (RFP) that our organization releases based on the purchasing trends and demands of the educational institutions in our membership.

How It Works

  1. 吃瓜大本营advertises a multi-state, competitive Request for Proposals (RFP), open to all qualified education technology providers, on behalf of our public membership.
  2. Trained 吃瓜大本营scorers evaluate proposals based on a disclosed rubric.
  3. Awards are based on the lowest price offering from a qualified respondent.

Order of RFP Releases

吃瓜大本营only goes out for bid on the products that the majority of the 吃瓜大本营purchasing consortium demands; there are no guarantees about the order of the upcoming RFPs 吃瓜大本营will release.

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If your company has recently negotiated a RFP-backed contract with OETC, there are steps we recommend to begin utilizing your partnership with OETC.

  • IMPORTANT: Set up your 吃瓜大本营Store page so that our membership can begin purchasing your products. Contact or call (800) 650-8250 to do so.
  • Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of important 吃瓜大本营updates.

Does your company currently hold a contract with OETC?

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Questions about your current 吃瓜大本营contract?

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Sponsoring and exhibiting at 吃瓜大本营events grants manufacturers and resellers access to a diverse and influential audience in education.

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