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吃瓜大本营offers discounts on projectors for education through Epson, Panasonic and ViewSonic

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The best projectors for your needs

吃瓜大本营can help find the best option for your school, college or institution. Contact us and we鈥檒l assist you in selecting a projector that meets your needs.

Educational Non profit Pricing

吃瓜大本营is run by educators, for educators. Aggressive negotiation on behalf of our members gets us special pricing, discounts and incentives only available to educational institutions.

Multi-State RFP-Backed Contract

吃瓜大本营contracts are backed by a cooperative RFP, advertised in all member states and conforming to state and local law. Skip the difficulty, time and expense of putting your projector purchase out to bid.

Independent Financial Review

As a non profit, 吃瓜大本营focuses solely on our members鈥 needs and interests. We serve as guides and advocates for our members, providing unbiased advice and straightforward purchasing without a profit motive.

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